Hello There

I am Alexander Lamdan
I am a Full Stack Developer

About Me

In this page I will write about me, my skills, my knowledge, what I do, and some stuff about me.

Hello Friends!

I am Alexander Lamdan, a native of Russia, Ekaterinburg, and today I work and live in Israel. I was born on 06.06.1995

I've Got Some skills.

  • Front End
  • Back End
  • Linux
  • Bash Scripting

My Work Experience.

May 2019 - Present


Linux System Administration.

In this work, I working a lot with networking, system administration, supporting, creating servers, configure servers as apache or nginx. Working a lot with IP Telephony like Asterisk and PBX.

January 2018 - May 2019

Learning stuff, working on some little projects and freelancing.

Freelance/Half-time work

That time was a hard for me. In this time I was working a lot in half-time work like front-end or php junior as well. Sometimes creating a little projects in front end, backend or even full stack stuff. Sometimes I just working in webmaster positions for couple of month.
I learned a lot of security, web security, cybersecurity, networking, docker, ansible, couple time of Python and Bash Scripting.

July 2017 - Januar 2018

PHP Course in Udemy

Learning first time a PHP language as server side, creating some landing pages with sending emails, CRUD projects and other stuff.

In that time I first time decided to take an advantage to learn server-side language for creating my websites more dynamic.

March 2016 - October 2016

Udemy Front end full course

Learning first time a front end technologies.

In that time I first time decided to deep in web development, and taking the full web front end course in Udemy.

Portfolio Projects

See My Latest Projects.

Here you can see the all my works that I added here and finished it. Also don't forget to check my Github, GitLab, CodePen profiles sometimes to check new projects.

Coming Soon the TSM Project.

Coming soon the The Sword Ministries Website project, build by me. It will be include some stuff like:
Admin Panel, Dashboard, PayPal donations, Online CMS built from zero including page creating and other stuff.