About Me

Programmer, developer, system administrator, producer of electronic music, sound editor. I live in Russia, worked in Israel, have two years of experience in the high-tech sector (a year as a php developer) and a year in system administration. I like to learn new technologies, I am not afraid to make and take projects under other programming languages, under other technologies.

My Mission

My mission is to carry the honest work of a programmer to the masses, to do my job honestly, not to profit from the ideas of others, to develop my own things, to help customers who need help, to make products that are open and free, and to make products that need to be paid for.

My Plan

My plan is to change the way customers think about programming in General. To explain to them that programming is a difficult job, painstaking, capacious, you need a lot of work, a lot of time and that it would be well paid.

My Vision

My vision is to develop honestly and treat the work honestly. Many clients have been deceived by other programmers for the purpose of profit and bad work, and my vision and conscience does not allow to deceive the client for money. I propose an option that may well become a competitor for the current development.


Services that I offer you, what I work with, so you can then decide whether you like it or not.

Shared Hosting, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated servers, CPanel on Linux

With this service, I will help you to migrate, configure, raise, make a security check, improve the capabilities of your server or hosting. *The service includes registration and configuration of domains, connection of domains and purchase with your money domains and certificates including the server

Develop and build for you in any language you choose.

This service help to develop, create from scratch your program, whether it is a website, or a mobile application, or a desktop program, a spa application or a browser plugin.* The service works on the condition that there is a ready-made template, design and half of the functionality is already laid out

Shared Hosting, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated servers, CPanel on Windows Server 2012+

With this service, I will help you to migrate, configure, raise, make a security check, improve the capabilities of your server or hosting. *The service includes registration and configuration of domains, connection of domains and purchase with your money domains and certificates including the server

PHP Development

Development in php language of websites, console applications, admin panels, CMS, CRM, user management sites, development of our personal CMS for the company or for the client, landing pages, wpa programs using frontend frameworks angular, react, vue js, development using laravel, symfony, yii2, zendframework. *Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal include with this service.

Bash, PowerShell scripting

Writing scripts for console programs on both windows and Linux with UNIX, database optimization, automation of work with the system, management at any time, running certain scripts to clean up unnecessary things in the system and much more. *Works only on bash and similar languages on UNIX and Linux machines, on windows powershell only

Databases configuration and optimization.

Database tuning, database optimization, tables, database read speed improvements with queries, database security improvements, maximum accurate and fast database tuning for your convenience in order to speed up the output of data from any language you are working with. *When working with databases, any databases are considered

Front-End development.*works only for websites

Development of front-end for websites, no layout should not be, the service assumes the presence of a ready-made layout with design, work only with functionality in languages: javaScript or TypeScript with the help of the famous front-end frameworks, plugins and modules for example phaser 3 for developing games in javaScript


Consultation on your project, program or website is provided free of charge if you want to find out the cost of each service, development time, quality of development, documents for the right to work with clients, contracts for the development of projects, view our portfolio, our work, feedback from customers, you can find out everything with this service

Basic music, sound and audio knowledge

A service to work with melodies, effects, what is EQ, vocals, what is remixing, mixing, bass lines, creating your tracks, learning harmony, plug-ins and more

Abelton, Cubase, FL Studio

Working with leading music creation programs, learning how to work with programs, giving advice to optimize good music, displaying all your jambs in creating tracks on these programs, learning how to create your exquisite sound for any of your track of any genre, how to properly convert to a listening music format and much more. *in addition, a consultation is given for an hour and a review of your problems with working with the program(or programs), after the consultation, options are given.

My Skills

My skills and knowledge can be appreciated here. Skills that are written may not be perfect and some are perfect, some I know well, some know perfectly, and some know no lower average, skills are constantly improving and improving.

Back-end Development: PHP, PHP OOP, Laravel, Wordpress, Bash, PowerShell

Front-end development: JavaScript, TypeScript, Jquery, Jquery-UI.

Containers and virtual machines: Docker, Vagrant, VirtualBox, VMware, Kvm, Qemu.

Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, MSSQL, MongoDB

Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, IIS.

System administration: 7 Layers, OSI Model,Networking(Internet Protocols), Monitoring(Zabbix), Iptables, Firewalls, servers configuration, installing and configuration ESMTP(Postfix, Exim, Sendmail), cron jobs, Linux/Unix servers, Microsoft Server 2012+

My Portfolio including my tracks

  • All
  • Mobile Apps
  • Trance singles, trance mixes
  • Web(SPA, Browser Plugins)
  • Desktop Software(Linux, Windows)

Ooops, the project/projects is in development progress, maybe I don't have ideas, or I don't have time, but they will be here soon, please be patient. Thank you.

Contact Us

If you need me, just send me an email that you see below, and I will return to you.


Maksima Gorkogo 17 street, Novouralsk city, region Sverdlovskaya oblast, Russian federation