I created the current CV/Portfolio project and starting new Blog project right now.

What we have in this CV/Portfolio website project?
So we have here some awesome stuff, that you don't see in CV/Portfolio websites. What do we have here? And here you can read about it:

  • We have here all blogs page from me, this is the best way to know me, my future works and some articles what I write.
  • Here you have single blog page, that you can read about single blog article in this page.
  • Comments section in single blog page, that means even, if you don't login, you can comment and reply to my blogs and to other users.

What stuff don't working in this time and will be added to the future update?
  • Contact Form
  • Next and Prev post buttons
  • Blog page
  • Admin Panel

Starting the blog project(Delayed).

I started by the way the blog project with Laravel framework on PHP7.3.
What futures will be in blog website project?

  • Authentication system(Login/Registration)
  • Creating post, deleting post and editing post.
  • User profile page with all information about him.
  • Profile editing, profile deleting and creating a private profile.
  • Administration Panel for users who I trusted.
  • In admin panel you can do:
    • See all information about users
    • Blocking users, deleting users
    • Checking the blogs for extremist content.
    • Deleting blogs or make a warning for the current blog for user.
    • Editing blogs.
Thats all friends, see you soon for new updates and wait for new news.